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70% of Surrey residents believe that a referendum is needed to make the decision to move from Surrey RCMP to a Surrey Police Service. Sign up below to ask the Province of B.C to hold a Referendum asking all Surrey Residents where they stand on transitioning to a local police force.

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We are launching a citizens Initiative petition to ask the Province of B.C to hold a binding referendum on the proposed police transition so Surrey residents finally get to have their say.

This is a very expensive proposal for taxpayers – who are already pinched after a tough year and now face big property tax increases. We don’t know the plan, or all the costs and we deserve that information and deserve to decide on whether or not to continue.

The Mayor and his team are ignoring questions and concerns from residents and taxpayers, and not being transparent.

We need to collect 10% of signatures from all eligible voters and we are committed to keeping our volunteers and the public safe by following all COVID-19 measures.

We hope residents will join us to collect signatures, help spread the word, and send a strong message to the Province and Surrey City Council.

Thank you,
Darlene Bennett

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Surrey voters want a referendum on policing: surveys have shown that about 70% of Surrey residents believe a referendum is the only fair way to decide whether or not to make an expensive transition from Surrey RCMP to a local police force.

Due to ongoing COVID-19 protective measures, we will begin by recruiting supporters remotely through the website and email, and will gather petition signatures safely. We will host safe in-person events later this spring or summer when COVID-19 measures allow.

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Canvassing and gathering signatures for the Surrey Police Vote cirizens Initiative campaign is fun and easy! You can make an important difference on this issue by signing up to be an officially registered Canvasser through Elections BC.

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We want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to weigh in on this important decision. Fill out the form to the left to make sure we keep you updated and get your voice heard.

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September 11, 2021 

Mayor McCallum Again Tries to Curb Democracy in Surrey 
Surrey Police Vote Calls on Property Owners to Host Signing Events

Surrey, B.C. - Earlier today, City of Surrey Bylaw Officers issued a violation ticket to a Surrey Police Vote canvasser at Dogwood Park. This is the second weekend in a row that City representatives have attempted to halt the Elections BC-approved Citizens Initiative Petition campaign, following the Mayor’s well-publicized personal interference at a canvassing location last weekend...

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Firstly, for my late husband Paul. His case is still active and ongoing. I want to make sure that this transition does not compromise his right to justice. All the families affected by violent crime in this City deserve to have transparency and accountability from the Mayor and Council. 

I sent a letter in August 2020 to the Surrey Police Service Board asking for some clarification on a few questions I had. They responded with a “tweet”. I feel a more respectful response was needed.

I trust the Surrey RCMP. I have always found my interactions with them to be very professional. At least they tell me what I can and cannot know and why.    

Secondly, I am a taxpayer in Surrey. I don’t understand why we are all being kept in the dark. This is public safety:  it is a right. It involves everyone. How can you have any faith or trust in this process, when you don’t know what you’re getting, or how much you are going to have to pay?

The people of Surrey deserve to have a voice, they deserve to have the facts and they deserve to be heard by the Province and Surrey City Council. Hopefully, this initiative will allow that.

Darlene Bennett


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Canvassing and gathering signatures for the Surrey Police Vote Citizens Initiative is fun and easy! You can make an important difference on this issue by signing up to be an officially registered Canvasser through Elections B.C.

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