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Hi, everyone – it’s hard to believe it’s been six months since we announced the successful gathering of almost 43,000 signatures from Surrey residents, calling for a referendum on the future of policing in our city. My heartfelt thanks, again, to all of you who endorsed the campaign, canvassed, signed the petition, donated and helped spread the word.

While the lack of response from the Province and City have been disappointing, this was a powerful demonstration of our passion and commitment to ensuring safety, affordability and access to services and wellbeing for all Surrey residents.

The municipal election in October 2022 will give us all an opportunity to finally have a say on this increasingly expensive, disorganized and unclear proposal. You can learn more about Surrey’s election timing and process, and ensure you’re registered to vote here.

I will be stepping away from and winding down the Surrey Police Vote campaign over the next week, but I will remain informed and engaged in the upcoming election and in advocating for Surrey residents to have a say on our shared future.

I encourage all of you to learn more about various candidates’ positions on policing and other issues important to you, to share information with friends and family and — most importantly — to vote during the election period.

You can learn more about the election, candidates, timing, etc. by following credible local news media, candidate websites and SurreysSayOnPolicing. I’ll also be sharing a few updates on my personal Twitter.

Thank you, again, for your incredible support. It’s meant a lot to me and I still believe we can make a difference together.

Darlene Bennett





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February 18, 2022

Surrey Police Vote Urges Mayor McCallum to Consider Cost of Extended Court Case for Surrey Taxpayers

SURREY B.C. – Ahead of the rescheduled court appearance for Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum on February 22, 2022, the Surrey Police Vote citizen’s initiative urges Mayor Doug McCallum to consider how extending or delaying his criminal case will impact Surrey residents who are, unfairly, paying his legal fees.

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Firstly, for my late husband Paul. His case is still active and ongoing. I want to make sure that this transition does not compromise his right to justice. All the families affected by violent crime in this City deserve to have transparency and accountability from the Mayor and Council. 

I sent a letter in August 2020 to the Surrey Police Service Board asking for some clarification on a few questions I had. They responded with a “tweet”. I feel a more respectful response was needed.

I trust the Surrey RCMP. I have always found my interactions with them to be very professional. At least they tell me what I can and cannot know and why.    

Secondly, I am a taxpayer in Surrey. I don’t understand why we are all being kept in the dark. This is public safety:  it is a right. It involves everyone. How can you have any faith or trust in this process, when you don’t know what you’re getting, or how much you are going to have to pay?

The people of Surrey deserve to have a voice, they deserve to have the facts and they deserve to be heard by the Province and Surrey City Council. Hopefully, this initiative will allow that.

Darlene Bennett


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Thank you to all of the amazing volunteers and canvassers who helped collect 42,942 signatures. 

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